FCC98-315 DTV Channel Allotments - Delaware

This table shows the channel assignments for DTV (digital television, also called HDTV or ATV) in the U.S., as listed in the FCC's Second Memorandum Opinion and Order on Reconsideration of the Fifth and Sixth Report and Orders, FCC 98-315, released December 18, 1998. Please refer to the column descriptions for more details on the table.

This information was extracted directly from FCC file fcc98315.txt dated February 5, 1999. It is possible, although unlikely, that errors may have been introduced in the conversion process. Note that the city and even state of channels listed here may not match those commonly identified with the TV channel. This is because many stations licensed to locations just outside major cities often identify themselves with the major city, not their city of license. The city of license must be mentioned somewhere in legal station identifications at the top of the hour. If you find the data here does not match the FCC data, please e-mail me at dlung@transmitter.com.

                                                 DTV Service       Existing NTSC       Interference to NTSC  DTV/NTSC   
State            NTSC  DTV     DTV  Antenna  (During Transition)      Service          (During Transition)    Service   
   CITY            Ch   Ch    Power  Height    Area    People      Area    People       Area    Population     Match    
                               (kW)     (m)  (sq. km)  (thous)   (sq. km)  (thous)   (% NL Area) (% NL Pop)     (%)     
   -------------   --   --  -------  ------  --------  -------   --------  -------   ----------- ----------    -----    

  SEAFORD         64   44     50.0   195.0     4202      154       4202      154        3.2          2.9      100.0
  WILMINGTON      12   55   1000.0   294.0    23176     7443      20136     6742        0.0          0.0       99.8
  WILMINGTON      61   31     50.0   292.0    16054     5337      15401     5324        5.3          6.5       97.1

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