ATV Channel Plan - U.S. Virgin Islands (Edited)

This table was scanned from the Association for Maximum Service Television, Inc. filing titled "Broadcasters' Proposed ATV Allotment/Assignment Approach" filed in reference to FCC Docket 87-268. While I've attempted to correct errors in the scanning, some may remain. Please notify me if you find any. Refer to the column descriptions for an explanation of the data in each column.

Call  City          State        NTSC  ATV      ATV      HAAT  Matching
                                 Ch.   Ch.    ERP (kw)  meters Coverage
----  -------------------------  ----- ----   --------  ------ --------
WBNB  CHARLOTTE AMALIE VI         10   32         2.4    488    100.0
WTJX  CHARLOTTE AMALIE VI         12   50        69.9    451    100.0
WSVI  CHRISTIANSTED VI             8   44       709.7    347    100.0

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Created August 26, 1995 by Doug Lung
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