Raspberry Pi Remote ATSC/DVB Test Set

Part 1 - From IEEE Broadcast Technology 4th Quarter 2020

URLs referred to in the article:

Raspberry Pi 4 complete starter kit from Vilros
Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus starter Canakit from Amazon
How to install a Raspberry Pi OS Image On a Micro-SD Card
Raspberry Pi OS Download Location - scroll down to Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) � Minimal image
Configuring the Raspberry Pi for "headless" operation over a network
Configuring the Raspberry Pi for remote access using SSH (see step 3)
How to enable the SSH client on Windows 10
Connecting to the Raspberry Pi using SSH on an Android device

Command Line Text

Here are copies of the text to be entered on the command line that were referenced in the article. I've provided them here to make it easier to cut and paste them into your projects.

sudo apt install dvb-apps
sudo apt install dvb-tools
sudo apt install dvbsnoop

dvbv5-scan -C US /usr/share/dvb/atsc/us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB-062009
dvbv5-zap -c dvb_channel.conf "KMEB-HD" -m
dvb-fe-tool m
dvbsnoop -s signal

Sample script used for collecting signal data in Los Angeles

Sample-Test-Script-for-Los-Angeles.sh.txt Download

Part 2 with files and links from the continuation of this project in the first quarter 2021 IEEE Broadcast Technology will be posted soon.

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