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The Federal Communications Commission has completely reworked its web site since this page was created. It now offers seach capability and, for the most part, files are available from HTML pages almost as quickly as they are from the FCC's FTP site. I have not had an opportunity to update this page in view of the changes at the FCC, although I have tried to make sure all the links still work. I do plan an update to this page within the next 8 weeks, so check back. Meanwhile, this page may still offer a faster way to get to some of the more hidden FCC pages. If you haven't visited the FCC's home page in a while, check it out. It may be all you need.

I visit the F.C.C.'s Internet site daily to check on news for the RF Current. I've collected some of the more useful direct links into the F.C.C.'s web site here for your use. I welcome your comments - email dlung@transmitter.com

FCC Bureau "Official Home" Pages

These pages are the ones the FCC's Home Page will send you to if you click on the individual bureaus. Many now include news on Bureau projects as well as a "hot topics" listing of links to files of current interest.

FCC Bureau File Access Via FTP

These links use "FTP" to retrieve a directory listing of FCC files. Unlike the HTML files, descriptions aren't available. The main reason to use FTP access instead of HTTP is the FTP directories are updated earlier and sometimes contain files not listed in the HTML indexes. The FTP directory also lists the date and time each file (and directory) was changed, making it easier to scan for new releases. Lately I've noticed the FCC's HTML indexes have become more comprehensive as well as more current.

Useful FCC Links

This is a mixture of links I've found particularly useful. Some are graphic, some are FTP directory listings and others return files.

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