Nat S. Ostroff resigns
As President & CEO of COMARK
He will remain closely associated with the company
as a Director and Consultant

Colmer, PA..................................................................November 16, 1995

COMARK announced today that Nat OSTROFF will resign his position as President and CEO of COMARK effective on December 31, 1995. He will continue to play a key role in the management of the company as a member of COMARK's Board of Directors and as a Consultant to the company. In parallel, he will invest personal time and efforts in developing new business opportunities in the emerging world of Digital Television.

Nat OSTROFF joined COMARK in 1982 as Vice President of Engineering. He was appointed President in 1985 and President and CEO when THOMSON-CSF acquired COMARK in 1986.

COMARK is the world leader in high power UHF television transmitters and a recognized pioneer in the emerging world of digital terrestrial television broadcasting. COMARK supplies TV transmission systems to major broadcasting facilities in the United States and around the world. COMARK is a unit of THOMCAST, which is a subsidiary of THOMSON-CSF of France. THOMCAST is a major supplier of terrestrial broadcast transmission systems worldwide, including TV, FM, AM, SW and DAB.

In 1994, COMARK acquired the RCA broadcast divsion from General Electric Company and now provides services to the large installed base of RCA transmitters worldwide.

Recently COMARK was awarded a NIST grant as part of a multimillion dollar cooperative effort with David Sarnoff Research Center to develop technology to be applied to the advancement of Digital Terrestrial Television.

Patrick DESPROGES, CEO of THOMCAST and Chairman of COMARK stated:

"under Nat OSTROFF, COMARK grew from a small private firm supplying UHF transmission systems mainly to the U.S. market, to a world leader in UHF technology that has set the worldwide standard in UHF high power TV transmission."

In 1991, COMARK and OSTROFF received an EMMY Award for Outstanding Engineering Achievement from the National Academy of Television Arts and Science.

Nat OSTROFF in his new role will support COMARK in all strategic fields including Market Analysis, Product Planning, Marketing and Technology.

As of January 1, 1996 Patrick DESPROGES, Chairman of COMARK, will become President and CEO of COMARK.

Navroze S. MEHTA, who joined COMARK in 1987 and is currently Senior Vice President of Operations, will be appointed Executive Vice President and General Manager.


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