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February 14, 1996

Emcee Announces New Product Line for NAB

Emcee Broadcast Products announces its new product line up to be displayed at the 1996 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada in April.

From its Microwave Division comes "DigaCom", a wireless cable transmitter capable of either analog or digital operation. The compact, frequency agile transmitter is designed to protect the operator's equipment investment made today while entering the digital world tomorrow.

"Freedom" describes Emcee's new "F" model UHF transmitter series. The combined amplification design with frequency agile synthesizer frees the operator to be a broadcaster and not constantly oversee his transmitter operation. Freedom from maintenance, freedom to change channels in the field, and the freedom of remote control.

"True Agility", there is nothing else like it in the world, Emcee's TTV1000Agile. This compact, light weight, 1000 watt VHF television transmitter sports one-of -a-kind features such as: Frequency Agility from channels 2 thru 13 (Bands I & III). Also, International Agility in NTSC, PAL, and SECAM (B, D, I, K, K1, M, and N broadcast standards). The operator can broadcast anywhere in the world on land air, or sea.

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