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March 4, 1996Corporate Communications
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ITS Expands Its Market, Wins Major Wireless Contract

McMurray, PA --- ITS Corporation announced that they have been awarded a major contract for two metropolitan area digital wireless (MMDS) systems. The contract with CAI Wireless Systems, Inc., initially involves construction of a large network of digital transmitters and boosters for Boston, Massachusetts, and Norfolk, Virginia. The two cities represent the first phase of a project to implement digital wireless cable service in 13 major metropolitan areas in the eastern United States.

CAI is the largest developer, owner and operator of wireless cable television systems in the United States in terms of LOS (line of sight) households, and the first wireless cable operator to enter into a strategic agreement with regional Bell operating companies through its strategic business relationship with affiliates of Bell Atlantic Corporation and NYNEX Corporation.

The orders for Boston and Norfolk encompass a minimum of thirty-three transmitters for each main and booster site, along with appropriate combiners, backup equipment, and antennas. ITS will also perform system integration to provide equipment shelters and a full range of engineering services to CAI.

Bob Unetich, President of ITS commented "We are extremely pleased to be selected by CAI to provide the first major digital wireless cable systems in the nation. Digital compression technology enables wireless cable to offer more programming channels, and compete effectively in the video delivery business. Digital wireless is a technology whose time has come and ITS is ready to build the systems to make it happen."

Wireless cable signals are typically transmitted from a tower or other tall structure and signals are sent to an antenna located on a subscriber rooftop. Signals are then downconverted to lower frequencies and sent to a set top decoder for end use. To the subscriber, wireless cable is transparent and appears no different than do signals transmitted by other means. The advantage to wireless is that the expense of running hardwire systems is minimized (i.e. plant, pole fees, rights of way, and other physical barriers), and thus wireless systems are faster and less expensive to build than wired systems. Using digital transmission and compression techniques, MMDS can send more than 100 channels to subscribers.

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ITS, located in McMurray, Pennsylvania is a manufacturer of television transmission equipment for the broadcast and wireless cable industries worldwide. ITS has recently reached an agreement with ADC Telecommunications, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to become a wholly owned subsidiary. ADC is a leading supplier of transmission and networking systems to deliver voice, data, and video services. The company holds a preeminent market position in physical connectivity products for wireless, fiber-optic, twisted pair and co-axial networks.

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