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Picture of UHF Combiner

MCI’s UHF Multi-Channel Combiners are ideal for those considering an over-the-air (wireless) broadcast system. Using MCI’s current star-point combiners, such as the 4 or 5 channel designs, the multi-channel combiner will take two inputs of 4 or 5 channels and combine them into a single output. By using a combination of star-point combiners and multi-channel combiners it is possible to have a site with as many as 25 UHF channel into a single output. Low loss, low VSVVR and high isolation are standard. MCI compliments this combiner with the "All Band" panel antenna system.

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Micro Communications, Inc.,
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P.O. Box 4365 Manchester, New Hampshire 03108-4365 Tel: (603) 624-4351 Fax: (603) 624-4822
Shipping Address: 438 Kelly Ave., Grenier Field, Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

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