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Latest Articles by Doug Lung:

Receiving ATSC 3.0
 TV Technology Magazine - May 26. 2020

In this article Doug explains how ATSC 3.0 improves reception over that available from legacy ATSC signals in the presence of multipath and impulse noise. Links are provided to the ATSC 3.0 Recommended practice and to an app from ONEMedia that can be used to determine the trade off between robustness and data rate.

Doug Lung: Receiving ATSC 3.0 TV
'Open Source' RF Hardware - The NanoVNA
Broadcast Technology Society Newsletter - 2Q2020

Some enterprising engineers have used off the shelf hardware, including an IC originally designed for decoding FM stereo, to create vector network analyzers that offer surprising performanc for well under $200 in price. Doug compares availablle units, how they work and where to find them. Part 2 of this article in the 3rd quarter 2020 BTS magazine covers software for the units. The magazine is free to IEEE BTS members but there is a charge for non-members. If you are looking to purchase one of these units, email for the latest recommendations.

A pair
              of NanoVNA units



Doug Lung's R.F. Technology Page first appeared on the web in 1995 and moved to TRANSMITTER.COM in  January 1996. The site contains historical data on the U.S. transition to DTV including FCC channel and power assignments. Many of the external links in RF Current to news articles and in the resources pages are now dead. Where appropriate and useful, features will be updated for TRANSMITTER.COM.

Legacy RF Technology Page at
This month's legacy R.F. Technology Article - 03/1994 Build a simple frequency standard receiver and calibrator

Today GPS frequency standards are relatively inexpensive, but in 1994 obtaining an accurate reference for frequency measurements could be quite expensive. This article from March 1994 describes how to build a direct conversion receiver for WWV/WWVH that provides an output that can be used to drive a frequency contour. Part II - 05/1994 explains how to use the receiver to optain accuracy to 0.02 PPM. (Note: These legacy articles were published as text files rather than html files.) (Full sized schematic available here)

RF-1994-03 Frequency standard receiver/calibrator

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