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RF Column Links: February 2000
From TV Technology Magazine

Free (or cheap) Software for TV Engineers

Software on the Internet
Basic Engineering Software
RPN Scientific Calculators
On-Line RF Software Applications
TV Broadcast Antenna System Design Software
Antenna and Electromagnetic Field Software

RF Globalnet
Home page
Software and Modeling

Spread Spectrum Scene
Home page
Public Domain Software Index

RF Specialties Group
Home Page
Download RFS Software

RPN Calc - Bill Menees
Home page - select "Miscellaneous Software" to download RPN

RPN for PalmOS
RPN Home page

Tucows Palm Pilot Software
Palm Software Page

Decibel Products
Home page
Calculators and software tools

Andrew Corporation System Planning Software
Home page
System Planning Software

Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society
Home page

The University of Missouri-Rolla Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
Home page
Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Codes Available on the Internet

The unofficial Numerical Electromagnetic Code Archives Page
Home page

This is a clickable list of Web resources listed at the end of this month's RF Technology column in TV Technogy magazine. More details on the items I write about are often available on the Internet. TV Technology is published twice monthly and my column usually appears in the first issue each month. Free subscriptions are available to professional broadcasting and audio-visual equipment users. Visit TV Technology at, or contact the magazine by telephone +1 703-998-7600 or by fax +1 703-998-2966. Be sure to tell them you read about it on Doug Lung's RF Page @

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