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RF Column Links: March 1998
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DTV Transmission Basics - Part 2

Items to Watch For At NAB 1998

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
http// - home page - ATSC Standard, Including Annex D - Guide to the Use of the ATSC DTV Standard

Acrodyne (home page) (Engineering Forum – Technical papers) (ACT tests results in various formats)

General Instrument (home page) (satellite data networks)

Harris Broadcast (DTV home page) (Press Release on ATSC Encoder) (EXCELLENT 8VSB tutorial)

Hewlett Packard Test and Measurement (Test and Measurement home page) (VSB/QAM signal analyzer) (HP89441V VSB on-line demo)

Scientific Atlanta (Satellite Television Networks home page) (PowerVu‘ Digital Video Compression) (NAB booth information) (ATSC encoder news)

Tektronix (NAB Lineup) (FSE series analyzers) (8VSB Test Set) New!

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