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RF Column Links: September 1999
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Comparing 8-VSB and COFDM for Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting - Part 1

COFDM Advantages
8-VSB Advantages

ATSC home page
ATSC VSB Transmission: The Right Choice for U.S. DTV Broadcasters - a response to Sinclair concerns. (PDF viewer required)
Cover page for Performance Comparison of ATSC 8-VSB and DVB-T COFDM Transmission Systems for Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting by Dr. Yiyan Wu (free Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer needed to read this)

BBC Research and Development Home Page
BBC Research and Development - Technical Papers
The how and why of COFDM - J. H. Stott (PDF viewer required)
Results of RF measurements with DVB-T chip-set and comparison with ATSC performance - A. P. Robinson and C. R. Nokes, BBC Research and Development

DVB Home Page
Facts About DVB-T - A response to "false statements being made about DVB-T"
DVB Feature Articles - over twenty articles on DVB and DVB-T

Dale Cripp's HDTV Newsletter
Home Page
COFDM Vs. 8-VSB Series

Harris Corporation
Broadcast Home Page
Harris DTV Products - ATSC and DVB-T
Harris DVB-T Products

ITELCO Home Page
Digital Transmission Systems - ATSC and DVB-T

NDS Home Page>
NDS DVB-T Solutions
NDS DVB-T Receiver
NDS DVB-T Modulator

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