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RF Column Links: October 1999
From TV Technology Magazine

Comparing 8-VSB and COFDM for Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting
Part 2

Technology Update - new chips tackle multipath
Measuring Multipath
8-VSB versus COFDM - Practical considerations

Motorola Semiconductor Products
Home Page
Press Release: New Digital Receiver Technology Enhances 8-VSB Reception, Solves Multipath Problems
MCT2100 Product Data Sheet

Home page
Press Release: Breakthrough Receiver Chip Makes Mobile and Indoor Reception of Broadcast Digital Television Possible
NXT2000 data sheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer required)

Dielectric Communications
Dr. Oded Bendov - On the Validity of the Longley-Rice (50,90/10) Propagation Model For HDTV Coverage and Interference Analysis

Hammett & Edison Filing on Biennial Review of Proceeding 87-268 on DTV
FCC Search for Filed Comments Page. Enter 87-268 in Box 1 - Proceeding box and 08/26/1999 in Box 2 - Date Submitted - Click on Retrieve Document List box. (Note - Adobe Acrobat file requires PDF viewer)

Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Home page
Gary Shapiro Statement Regarding Sinclair Demonstrations

Home page
Report of DTV Field Test Results from over 2600 U.S. Test Sites (Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer required)

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