Doug Lung's TV Technology RF Columns 1995

December 1995

Comparison of UHF Antenna Types - Part 1 - Choices, Mail, Internet options.

November 1995 - rf-9511.txt

R.F. items from the 1995 World Media Expo/SBE in New Orleans: ENG Safety!, Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) listings for transmitters?, Effect of towers on side mounted UHF slot antennas - Harris, 8-VSB HDTV signal Under Non-Linear Amplification - Harris, Dealing with IOT Arcs with HV Crowbars - Larcan / TTC (see correction in Feb 96 column), PS*2 HV supply eliminates need for HV crowbars - Comark, 60 KW UHF Diacrode has no need for 30 KV supplies - Acrodyne; Acrodyne 60 KW Diacrode transmitter passes 24 hour full load test; RF Web Page changes and updates.

October 1995 - rf-9510.txt

Tips on installing and maintaining UHF klystron low voltage pulsers; FCC changes the rules on satellite uplink operations; FCC requests comments on ATV proceeding, changes timetable.

September 1995 - rf-9509.txt

Review of the Broadcasters' ATV proposed channel allocation plan; Transmitter implications for TV broadcasters under the plan; UHF TV transmitter harmonics may pose a problem for GPS and PCS!; Acrodyne Diacrode screen overload solved - it wasn't the tube!; News from MicroCommunications and Varian Associates, Inc.

August 1995 - rf-9508.txt

Acrodyne Au60D 60KW Diacrode transmitter - Comprehensive tests!, Avoiding transient problems in transmitter remote controls: "Cheap Remote" enhancements using the Micro-485, RS-232 serial port isolation, UPS's and Surge Protectors; Update on the ITS-830 1 KW Solid state UHF transmitter; Announcements: RF Page debuts, RF Column program disks discontinued

July 1995 - rf-9507.txt

RF FTP Site announcement (you're there!), How to access FTP sites using Web browers, Changes at the FCC Web Site, sci.engr.television.broadcast USENET newsgroup debuts, NAB 95 - Comments on reflections & HDTV Coverage, Comparision: ITS-830 & Acrodyne TLU-1KE 1KW UHF transmitters.

June 1995 - rf-9506.txt

Editorial on ADTV - Keep it flexible! Comments and summary of ADTV sessions at NAB 95. Transmission equipment at NAB 95: Comark's Innovative PS-Squared power supply kills arcs, cuts size, reduces cost. Acrodyne & Thomson show Diacrode - 60 KW tube the size of a lawn mower tire! Higher power from solid state transmitters. Update on Internet providers. Interesting Web Sites for RF Column readers.

April 1995 - rf-9504.txt

(I didn't have time to do a column for May) - Review of "The ARRL UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Handbook". Editorial - No future for analog TV? Competition from the 'Net. How to find a company on the World Wide Web. Big list of interesting Web Sites.

March 1995 - rf-9503.txt

March 1995 - Building a path Calculation spreadsheet (download the files here). Shopping for a transmitter at NAB 95 - Tips for buyers. More transmitter tube life survey results. How to get connected to the Internet - the easiest & cheapest methods.

February 1995 - rf-9502.txt

RF Path Analysis - Calculating Fresnel Zone Clearance. UHF Tetrode tube life survey results from Bill Barrow. FCC & Intelsat World Wide Web sites.

January 1995 - rf-9501.txt

SBE "World Media Expo" Los Angeles 1994 - session reports: RF radiation effects -- are they in your head? Broadcasters' auxiliary spectrum squeezed. Other items: I.T.S. ITS-830 1 KW UHF transmitter review. Transmitter tube life survey - tetrodes & klystons. I.O.T. problems and solutions.

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