Doug Lung's TV Technology RF Columns 1993

December 1993 - rf-9312.txt
SBE 1993 - Miami - Report on FCC & Regulatory sessions: Where is my tower? NAD 27 vs. NAD 83 Coordinates; Spurious aural modulation in common-mode transmitters; How to compare TV transmitter performance before you buy; New dehydrators from Andrew Corporation.
November 1993 - rf-9311.txt
SBE 1993 - Miami - Wrapup: Low data rate video compression for news-gathering; PBS Plans for compressed digital video on satellite; Transmitter and antenna manufacturers' HDTV designs; HDTV Advisory Committee plans & progress - no cheap sets; The elusive Westinghouse Silicon Carbide RF transistor.
October 1993 - rf-9310.txt
Cheap Remote II (Son of Cheap Remote?); Using the sun to align satellite dish mounts. View a color photo of the remote control -- rf24fg1.gif and the schematic for the unit -- rf24fg2.gif. A copy of the schematic is available in Autocad DXF format -- rf24fg2.dxf. I collected the remote control software and accessory programs into one PKZIP'ed archive -- If you are using Netscape shift-click on an item to save it to disk.
September 1993 - rf-9309.txt
Predict whether your signal meets new cable TV requirements -- Calculate signal levels with typical antennas at VHF & UHF; Tips and techniques for improving TV reception; I visit G.I. and report on their Digicipher video compression system.
July 1993 - rf-9307.txt
Current progress in digital video compression for satellite; How to get connected to Compuserve for broadcast info (This is old information and may not be valid -- see later columns for updates); Isolating voltages for remote control connections. View the schematic for the AD-202 -- rf22fg1.gif or download the schematic in DXF format -- rf22fg1.dxf (NOTE: There was no RF Column in the August issue)
June 1993 - rf-9306.txt
Trends in RF Technology at the 1993 NAB: What's the story with HDTV?, Update on HDTV transmission system proposals, My comments on HDTV system requirements, No klystron transmitters at NAB! plus -- Panel antennas for emergency use; Waveguide switch maintenance.
April 1993 - rf-9304.txt
Disaster recovery - lessions from the World Trade Center bombing; Digital video compression update - standards?; Radiation hazards - new IEEE standard C.95.1-1991; Using a TV sideband adapter and mixer as a sweep generator. (NOTE: I might have written a May column, but I can't find it. I'll add it if it turns up.)
March 1993 - rf-9303.txt
Measuring microwave frequencies with a transfer oscillator; Setting FM deviation using Bessel functions (easy math!) The table is at the end of the article. View the figure here -- rf18fg1.gif
February 1993 - rf-9302.txt
Frequency Measurements: Counter accuracy limitations, Measuring frequencies using a spectrum analyzer, Checking calibration using a standard frequency station. Calculating RF power densities near parabolic antennas; Example showing calculations for an SNG truck RF safety. Satellite digital video compression update. (NOTE: I don't have the rather complex table showing the NTIS available for scanning at this time. I expect to have a copy in the next week or so and I'll add it to this listing at that time.)
January 1993 - rf-9301.txt
FCC mandated frequency tolerances and measurements; New emission designators required for FCC form 313 filings; Extending klystron life - filament voltage, tips from Varian; Cheap Remote software notes.

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