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Since I started writing my monthly column in TV Technology, several TV broadcast manufacturers have been kind enough to put me on their mailing list for press releases about new orders, new products and company changes. Unfortunately, by the time my column is published these items are often old news. The RF Page provides a way for me to get this information to you within a few days after I receive it and long before it is published in the print media.

Current Press Releases

Press Releases Direct from the Manufacturer

Many manufacturers now post their press releases on their on sites on the World Wide Web. If the press releases are newsworthy, I usually mention them in RF Current with a link to the manufacturer's site. Press Releases available from these sites are not usually included in the list above. The links listed here will give you the latest listing of press releases from these manufacturers.


If you would like your press release listed here, please send it via email or drop me a note at and I'll send you my current mailing address. I can scan full page color documents, however, they usually take a long time to transfer to RF Page readers via modem. Text documents with limited graphics such as a logo or product shot are best. I will attempt to convert them to an HTML page that is compatible with most browsers and readable, without graphics, by text based Web browsers such as Lynx. There is no charge for this service and I reserve the right to reject any release for any reason, whether content related or simply due to lack of time or file space. While I monitor PR Newswire and Business Wire for releases, their copyright prevents me from copying that data and using it here. I've stopped listing links to PR Newswire and Business Wire releases since they tend to expire quickly. If you send a press release to one of these agencies and do not post it on your own site, please copy me as well so I can post it here. Unlike them I'll keep your press releases for a year or more. This is an advantage because Web directories like Alta Vista or Webcrawler will display them when customers do a search on your company or product name. If the release is available on your own web site, drop me a note anyway in case I miss it. If its newsworthy I'll use it in RF Current.

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